Double Your Pleaseure with Metz Tonight and Tomorrow

January 13th, 2016

Alex Edkins (vocals and guitar), Chris Slorach (bass) and Hayden Menzies (drums) formed the fuzz-laden noise-rock punk trio Metz eight years ago in Toronto. Their self-titled debut album (stream it below) arrived on Sub Pop in 2012. Sure, it was loud, but the A.V. Club proclaimed, “For all it’s abrasion and denatured noise, Metz isn’t a statement of nihilism or finality; it’s a bright, exploratory scalpel making the first of hopefully many incisions.” Fortunately, Metz (above, performing “Acetate” on KEXP FM) have indeed made another incision. Their follow-up LP, the aptly named II (stream it below), came out last spring and has a clearer sound. Per Drowned in Sound, “There’s more space, and a better sense of dynamics as well. It’s a subtle change (if anything about Metz can be said to be subtle) but there’s a greater feel of depth here, the songs have more interesting journeys….” And furthermore: “Beautifully brutal weirdo punk.” Find out just how weird it gets for yourself when Metz’s newly launched tour brings the three-piece to The Bowery Ballroom tonight and Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow.