Majical Cloudz Leave Music Hall of Williamsburg Spellbound

January 20th, 2016

Majical Cloudz – Music Hall of Williamsburg – January 19, 2016

Majical Cloudz – Music Hall of Williamsburg – January 19, 2016
Last night, Devon Welsh stepped onto the stage as if feeling out what it was like to be there for the first time. Making his way to the lone microphone stand that stood like a beacon toward the front of the stage, he slipped beneath the spotlight that isolated his lithe frame amid darkness, looking leery of this environment. Hidden in the background was Welsh’s sound provider, Matthew Otto, prepared to release the hovering synth pulses that circulate in space, forming the ephemeral residence for Welsh’s voice as the duo Majical Cloudz.

Clasping the microphone and pulling it in as if to tell it a secret, letting him lift into the thermal ambience of keys and minimal thumping that beat like a heart, Welsh poured out his hypnotic lullabies. Suddenly, the ceiling of the sold-out Music Hall of Williamsburg became a star-draped sky. It’s the picture of a boy who doesn’t say much to people around him but finds his voice onstage in heart-tugging recital, locating a register that spellbinds. Baring his heart on his loosely rolled up sleeve, Welsh breathed out songs with controlled passion, seizing the opportunity to say what can’t be put as smoothly, or forcefully, face to face. The listeners who had gathered on a frigid night rocked gently back and forth, taking in the vocal embodiment of a man’s soul. —Charles Steinberg | @Challyolly

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