Chuck Ragan Kicks Off New Tour Friday Night at Rough Trade NYC

February 11th, 2016

When Gainesville, Fla., punk band Hot Water Music broke up amicably in 2006—although they’ve since reunited—singer-songwriter-guitarist Chuck Ragan (above, playing “Bedroll Lullaby” for Out of the Ordinary) chose a different musical path, launching a solo career as a folk musician, telling evocative tales in his exceptional gravelly voice. Eventually he decided to put together the Revival Tour, which grouped together like-minded musicians traveling the country (and Europe) making and playing music together as they go. But always looking to do something different, Ragan, alongside the Camaraderie, kicks off a short tour tomorrow night at Rough Trade NYC performing music from The Flame in the Flood, the new, soulful full-length soundtrack to the game with the same name.