Poliça Preview New Material at Sold-Out Rough Trade NYC

February 22nd, 2016

Poliça – Rough Trade NYC – February 19, 2016

Rough Trade NYC was packed to the gills on Friday night with good reason: Poliça were in town. But first, roots rocker JM Airis and his band took the stage to play songs from Wild Birds, their laid-back, road-weary swagger warming up the crowd and providing a good contrast to the dynamic, electro-heavy sounds that were soon to come from the headliners.

Channy Leaneagh and Co. took the stage and launched into their set without wasting a moment. The sounds of tightly wound synths, ominous percussion and Leanagh’s torchy vocals charged the air with fervid energy. The band rolled out several tracks from their forthcoming album, United Crushers, throughout their performance, punctuated with the familiar “Wandering Star,” “Tiff” and “Warrior Lord.” The new-track offerings included Poliça’s pensive ballad “Lately.” Leaneagh’s recent quote about the song speaks volumes: “Don’t let love become a distraction. I want to be moved by my lover but not put in a lethargic state of apathy for doing anything else but be with another person. Love is a place where we make each other better and inspire each other to make cool shit.”

Poliça have conquered a hefty feat—they’ve consistently released bold, multifaceted work since forming in 2011. Leaneagh’s vocal prowess, Ryan Olson’s masterful production, Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu’s bold drum work, and Chris Bierden’s daring bass all melt into a sound that’s simultaneously manic and euphoric. Their ever-growing fan base will be excited to hear that the band will return to Brooklyn this spring. Leaneagh’s new baby will be joining them for a good part of the tour, and he’ll learn how to be a road warrior from some experts. —Schuyler Rooth | @SchuylerSpeak

(Poliça play Warsaw on 4/23.)