Doug Tuttle Brings New Psychedelic Folk to Rough Trade NYC

February 24th, 2016

Inspired by a mix of psychedelia, pop, and ’60s and ’70s rock, singer-songwriter and guitarist Doug Tuttle was first a member of the New Hampshire lo-fi psychedelic outfit Mmoss. But when he and the only other member of the band broke up, Tuttle went solo with a well-received self-titled psych-pop debut full-length (stream it below) in 2014. According to Paste, “He’s a player who’s capable of going into full freak-out mode. But what you get here are restrained solos and a lot of triple-thick rhythm work that has a cumulative weight.” And just last week, Tuttle (above, doing “Time Will Show the Wiser”) released his follow-up LP, It Calls on Me (stream it below), with a slightly tweaked sound, which AllMusic calls “a folk-rock meets country-rock mood, with plenty of gently strummed acoustic guitars, lots of jangling electrics and vocal harmonies that would make Crosby & Nash, and possibly Stills too, proud…. Tuttle had already proven himself a high-level psychedelic wizard; with this album he proves that he’s a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with.” And winding down his new tour, Tuttle plays Rough Trade NYC tomorrow night. Worthless and Herbcraft open the show.