A Double Psychedelic Shot of Melvin Seals and JGB This Weekend

March 3rd, 2016

Melvin Seals (vocals and organ) was already known as a talented performer, recording artist and producer before becoming a longtime member of the Jerry Garcia Band in 1980. But even with the iconic Grateful Dead frontman’s passing more than 20 years ago, Seals, Shirley Starks (vocals), Cheryl Rucker (vocals), Pete Lavezzoli (drums), Dave Hebert (guitar and vocals) and John-Paul McLean (bass) have much more than capably continued the band’s legacy as Melvin Seals and JGB (above, performing “Let It Rock”)—taking concertgoers on a psychedelic musical journey that includes rock, gospel, soul and R&B that’s never the same from night to night. And to that end, they’ll play two totally different shows on Friday night at the Capitol Theatre and then on Saturday at Brooklyn Bowl. All you’ve got to do is pick which to attend. You can’t go wrong.