The Capitol Theatre Hosts a Matisyahu Anniversary Tonight

March 11th, 2016

Some stories seem like you’ve heard them before. But Matisyahu’s is probably a little more uncommon. As a teenager on Phish tour, Matthew Miller had an interest in hip-hop and reggae. Later he grew interested in the strict Lubavitch Hasidic sect of Judaism and joined a synagogue where his musical ambition was encouraged. Soon enough Miller had a talented backing band and—under the name Matisyahu—he became an engaging performer of his own mash-up of dancehall, hip-hop, beatbox, reggae and rock. Eventually, Matisyahu decided to go beardless, saying, “No more Chassidic reggae superstar. Sorry, folks, all you get is me…. I am reclaiming myself. Trusting my goodness and my divine mission.” But despite the change in his appearance, Matis’s music remains as good as ever. And he’s currently out on the road celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his acclaimed second studio album, Youth (stream it below). “While what Matisyahu does might be unique, there’s nothing shticky about it,” according to the A.V. Club. “Matisyahu’s willingness to draw influences from outside his comfort zone bodes well for his future, as does the unshakable sense that he’s created everything here out of joyous obligation. In any genre, God only rarely gets grooves this good.” Join the celebration when Matisyahu (above, performing Youth’s third track,  “Time of Your Song” live at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas) plays the Capitol Theatre tonight.