Aussie Britop Band DMAs Play Rough Trade NYC on Monday Night

March 25th, 2016

Johnny Took (bass), Tommy O’Dell (vocals) and Matt Mason (guitar and vocals) knew one another from different bands when they began writing music together in the suburbs of Sydney just a few years ago. The wheels were in motion, and soon after, with a few singles, they began performing live as DMA’s, playing the kind of swaggering, energetic garage pop that immediately earned them comparisons to ’90s Britpop luminaries Oasis and the Stone Roses—because of their look and sound. “There are a bunch of bands from all over the world doing that Britpop sound now,” Mason told NME, “but none of them are from England. A big part of it is the generation that we’re in. We’re the first generation to have the Internet, and that means the world has gotten a lot smaller.” Their debut self-titled EP (stream it below) arrived last year to some considerable plaudits. And those accolades continued for DMA’s (above, performing “Delete” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) with the release of their first full-length, Hills End (stream it below), earlier this year. In a rave review, PopMatters proclaimed, “Hills End is so good that in 20 years the discussions about the hot new indie guitar band might well focus on how much they look and sound like DMA’s. It’s an outstanding debut.” See them live on Monday night at Rough Trade NYC. Wives and Cold Fronts open the show.