Kiasmos Mesmerize Music Hall of Williamsburg

March 31st, 2016

Kiasmos – Music Hall of Williamsburg – March 30, 2016

Kiasmos – Music Hall of Williamsburg – March 30, 2016
Imagine two friends on a frigid Nordic night in a dark room gently illuminated by a blue halogen glow and the soft white boxes of monitor brightness. They are swaying together to pulsing electronic patterns that warm the room, their faces fixed on the panels before them, studying the visual representations of their sonic designs. Kindred spirits joined by the search for the same sonic habitat, where one isn’t bound by gravity and can hover amid the circulating drifts and currents that steadily flow from the speakers.

Now picture a portal opening and transporting the two friends to a stage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where found transmissions of their sonorous compositions had gathered those who had tapped into the atmosphere they filled. This was the scene last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, where the Icelandic producer-composer tandem Kiasmos performed to a roomful of mesmerized onlookers. Happy to invite all who were present to the ambient environments they had conjured in that isolated room in a foreign land, Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen danced in synchronized delight around the keyboards and laptops that had been transported with them.

The full spectrum of Kiasmos’ tracks and EPs, released periodically over the past few years, emanated in one continuous delightful beam, elevating the crowd and transcending everything earthbound. For a moment in time, that place where two friends go to lose themselves to the tides of crystalline rhythms, had a host of tourists, euphorically floating about. —Charles Steinberg

Photos courtesy of Charles Steinberg |