Two Chances to See Andrew Bird Live This Week

April 6th, 2016

Singer-songwriter Andrew Bird is as much known for his unique mix of jazz, folk, rock, and Gypsy and chamber music as he is for his classically trained violin skills. Bird (above, performing “Chemical Switches” for Prairie Home Companion) arrived on the scene as a solo artist with the release of his debut full-length, Music of Hair (stream it below), 20 years ago. And he’s remained busy ever since, appearing on a slew of other musicians’ albums while releasing more than 10 live albums, EPs and singles. His 10th solo full-length, Are You Serious (stream it here)—the first since getting married and becoming a father—came out last Friday. The LP features a duet with Fiona Apple and plenty of stellar Blake Mills guitar work. “Given Bird’s classical training and devotion to precision, his work has always had at least the potential to become bloodless and pale—the work of a perfectionist who agonizes over every note, only to let his busy brain mute his own beating heart,” according to NPR Music. “Instead, though, his writing keeps sounding warmer, sweeter, more thoughtful and approachable, while continuing to land lines that stick with you for days.” And with the new album, Bird’s just launched a big tour, which will take him across North America and Europe. But you won’t have to travel too far to see him this week because he comes our way to play Kings Theatre tomorrow and Terminal 5 on Friday. And, trust us, seeing him live will also stay with you for days.