Bleached Bring New Tunes to Music Hall of Williamsburg on Monday

April 8th, 2016

A few years after their former band, Mika Miko, broke up, sisters Jennifer (vocals and guitar) and Jessica Clavin (guitar and vocals) formed a new group, Bleached, in their hometown, Los Angeles, putting their own twist on sunny punk-pop music. Eventually the twosome became a garage-pop foursome with the additions of Micayla Grace (bass) and Nick Pillot (drums), and their upbeat sound continues on the recently released Welcome the Worms (stream it below). “The album is full of crunchy power chords, sweeping hooks, and a heightened sense of urgency,” says Consequence of Sound. “The invigorating drive that guides the album applies as much thematically as stylistically. Whereas Jennifer Clavin used to write about reflection, this album focuses on moments of resilience and determination. Leaving an unhealthy relationship influenced the record, and it distances from that darkness in an encouraging, self-affirming way. Welcome the Worms is less a breakup record, and more one that fixates on moving forward.” With the new LP out last week, Bleached (above, doing “Dead in Your Head” live in studio for KEXP FM) have hit the road. Go see them play Music Hall of Williamsburg on Monday night.