Fort Frances Bring New Music to Mercury Lounge Tonight

April 25th, 2016

Since forming a few years ago in Chicago, Fort Frances—David McMillin (vocals and guitar), Jeffrey Piper (bass) and Aaron Kiser (drums)—have shed their initial Americana sound for something more expansive. Some of this has to do with their take on Will Smith’s “Summertime” getting featured on Tosh.O and the cover finding surprising life in Lithuania, where Fort Frances (above, doing “Anonymous”) were invited to headline a big summer festival, where they were greeted with open arms by adoring fans. “Our week in Lithuania was one of the most rewarding times of my life,” said McMillin. “You start playing music in a garage without a clue of where it can take you. I never would have expected the road could lead us to a stage in the former Eastern Bloc.” The trio just released their newest album, Alio (stream it below). The title means hello in Lithuanian. And you can say hello when they play the early show tonight at Mercury Lounge.