Matthew Logan Vasquez Brings Fist-Pumping Fun to Mercury Lounge

April 28th, 2016

Matthew Logan Vasquez is best known for leading the always-ready-to-rage rock band Delta Spirit—and as the middle-named middle brother in the short-lived folkin’ supergroup Middle Brother—so you figure he might do the typical thing and go the quiet, acoustic singer-songwriter route with his first solo LP. Nope, not even close. Vasquez brings his unbridled energy and uniquely American rock and roll even further on Solicitor Returns. He plays most of the instruments on the album, a feat that may be difficult to reproduce when he plays the late set at Mercury Lounge this Friday night. Shouldn’t matter: No matter who he’s playing with, when Vasquez (above, performing “Personal” for Cardinal Sessions) is onstage, fist-pumpin’ good times are sure to be had. Reverend Baron and Dustin Lovelis open the show. —A. Stein | @Neddyo