U.S. Girls Kick Off New Tour Thursday at Mercury Lounge

May 10th, 2016

Close to nine years ago, Meghan Remy launched the solo project U.S. Girls in Philadelphia. She released several singles, cassettes and CD-Rs filled with what AllMusic calls “archaic electronics and fragmented, collage-like productions to craft minimal, sometimes abrasive pop.” Over time, her work and recordings have taken on a little more polish as she’s worked with other musicians and decamped to Toronto. Her most recent studio full-length, Half Free (stream it below), came out last fall to glowing reviews. Tiny Mix Tapes proclaimed that it’s “bursting with vivid, cracked imagination and cool mastery of slippery pop allure.” Even Pitchfork liked it: “The sound further fortifies the common ground between Meghan Remy’s diamond-cut melodies and avant-garde urges, and the album sounds like your favorite golden-oldies station beamed through a pirate-radio frequency.” U.S. Girls (above, performing “Window Shades” for Q on CBC) launch a new tour on Thursday at Mercury Lounge, and She-Devils and Idiot Glee open the show.