Plants and Animals Bring New Album to Rough Trade NYC

May 12th, 2016

Warren Spicer (guitar and vocals), Matthew Woodley (drums and vocals) and Nicolas Basque (guitar, bass and vocals) began melding together roots music, acoustic folk and prog rock as kids. Their first album as Plants and Animals, a self-titled EP, came out in 2003. Eventually the band began touring like mad working on new songs—and it paid off. Another EP came out in 2007 before the Montreal trio’s debut full-length, Parc Avenue (stream it below), was released the following year, impressing the folks at PopMatters: “For a debut, this is an amazing feat. The lyrics are blunt and relatable, and their song construction is arguably on par with some of the greatest names rock music has ever known.” Plants and Animals (above, performing “No Worries Gonna Find Us” live in the studio for Q on CBC) have recorded new material fairly regularly ever since. Their fourth LP, Waltzed in from the Rumbling (stream it below), came out just two weeks ago. Exclaim! says the band comes “off much more relaxed, inspired, self-assured and, most importantly, collaborative…. Musicians often become most fascinating when they strip away all pretension, and that’s exactly what Plants and Animals have done here.” Find out for yourself how the new tunes sound live when they play Rough Trade NYC on Friday the 13th. Wintersleep and Natureboy open the show.