Disclosure Headline a Terrific Bill at Forest Hills Stadium on Saturday

June 14th, 2016

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence grew up surrounded by music in South East England. Guy began playing drums when he was just three years old while Howard waited until he was eight years old to pick up the bass. Before either of them reached the ripe old age of 20, they’d already begun making shake-the-floor dance music and uploading it to MySpace. The first Disclosure full-length, Settle (stream it below), arrived in 2013, wowing critics across the globe. PopMatters called it “as perfect a summertime house-party soundtrack as we’re likely to get in 2013. If that’s what you’re looking for—pure pleasure-center appeal—you can stop reading, put the record on, and guiltlessly enjoy Settle on that level alone. But like all great pop musicians, Disclosure knows how to tongue around the edges of genre, subtly exploring a wide range of sounds without ever interrupting the dopamine stream at their music’s center. There are pleasures for the head here, too, along with the heart and the hips.” Following a worldwide tour, Disclosure (above, performing “Magnets” with Lorde on Saturday Night Live) returned last fall with their follow-up, Caracal (stream it below)—notable for collaborations with the Weeknd, Lorde, Miguel and Sam Smith—again winning over critics and fans alike. “Caracal’s inherent pop appeal is in songs underscored by soul and R&B tones that are written with the collaborators in a traditional manner,” according to the A.V. Club. “These are later reimagined into the dance floor–friendly Disclosure-shaped mold.” And when they play Forest Hills Stadium on Saturday night, they won’t be doing it alone. Instead, they’ll be joined by Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals, Mobb Deep, Dusky and Justin Jay.