Extend the Weekend with Beaty Heart at Mercury Lounge on Sunday

June 24th, 2016

Deftly mixing world music and electronic pop, London’s Beaty Heart—Josh Mitchell (vocals, guitars and electronics), Charlie Rotberg (drums and electronics), James Moruzzi (drums, vocals and electronics) and Thomas Gunning (drums, electronics and vocals)—have been making their own cool take on Afrobeat since forming in college as an audio-visual art collective six years ago. Their debut full-length, Mixed Blessings (stream it below), which earned them comparisons to Talking Heads, Vampire Weekend and Graceland-era Paul Simon, arrived in 2014 to a fair amount of acclaim. AllMusic called it “an arty, psychedelic pastiche of world music, Afro-pop and indie-electronic sounds.” And furthermore, “Beaty Heart make music that’s all neon colors, bubbling percussion, stitched-together sampled sounds, peppy backing vocals, snapping fingers, whistles and very light guitar.” It’s a happy noise. Find out how it all comes together when Beaty Heart (above, performing some of their new tunes), who have a new album coming out next month, play Mercury Lounge on Sunday night. Matt Koenig’s the Undercover Lovers open the show.