Touring Behind New Album, Broncho Play The Bowery Ballroom

June 24th, 2016

Their second studio album, Just Hip Enough to Be Your Woman (stream it below), won over critics: PopMatters claimed that it’s “more than hip, it’s simply glorious and a paean to the good ol’ days when pop was sharp and concise, and music for teenyboppers was actually non-synthesized and infectious. Try it. You just might like it, and find that this sticks to your teeth like sugar.” And somewhat tweaking their sound, just a few weeks ago, Norman, Okla. Pop-punk quartet Broncho—Ryan Lindsey (vocals and guitar), Ben King (guitar), Nathan Price (drums) Penny Pitchlynn (bass)—released their third full-length, Double Vanity (stream it below), which, according to Spin, “finds the group in a slightly different mood: slower, steamier, denser.” And per AllMusic, “It’s like Broncho took all the energy of their faster songs, extracted the immediacy and punch, then slowed it to half speed. Instead of playing the songs slow and dozy, the band sounds tightly coiled and insistent beneath all the gunk. Sharp hooks emerge on a regular basis, sometimes even floating up to the surface in a big shiny bubble.” And touring behind it, the energetic performers (above, doing “Class Historian” for JBTV Music) play The Bowery Ballroom tonight. Los Angeles dream-pop quartet Winter opens the show.