Esmé Brings New Music to Rough Trade NYC on Wednesday Night

July 25th, 2016

A founding member of Denver baroque-pop Americana collective Paper Bird, singer-songwriter Esmé Patterson has been doing her own thing as a solo artist ever since she released All Princes, I (stream it below), which American Songwriter labeled “a warm, organic-sounding album that splits the difference between indie pop, folk-rock and coffeehouse jazz,” in 2012. Now living in Portland, Ore., Patterson (above, performing “Yours and Mine” for WXPN FM) put out her third studio album, We Were Wild (stream it below), last month to plenty of praise. “Few are as consistently great as Patterson is, and she’s still on a rising scale of quality after having already paid her dues with numerous outstanding projects. We Were Wild is wildly good,” per PopMatters. And Rolling Stone added: “The third album from singer-songwriter Esmé Patterson keeps pulling you in directions you might not expect—musically, emotionally and even physically.” Catch her live at Rough Trade NYC on Wednesday night. Winstons and the Awful Truth open.