A Double Dose of the Besnard Lakes This Week

July 26th, 2016

Husband Jace Lasek (guitar and vocals) and wife Olga Goreas (bass and vocals) are music people. They own the Montreal recording studio Breakglass Studios and formed the psych-prog-influenced the Besnard Lakes in 2003. The couple self-recorded the majority of Volume 1 (stream it below), the band’s debut full-length, at their studio when time allowed, and then self-released it. “Full of smoky loops and ghostly vocals, the Besnard Lakes coolly fool around with song structure and tease with delayed release,” proclaimed Drowned in Sound, in comparing the LP to a David Lynch film. “Ultimately it’s this bizarre sense of sonic displacement that set the Besnard Lakes apart and make debut Volume 1 most definitely worthwhile.” And seemingly with the arrival of each subsequent album, the band has grown in size. Now rounded out by Kevin Laing (drums), Richard White (guitar), Sheenah Ko (keyboards) and Robbie MacArthur (guitar), the Besnard Lakes (above, performing “Tungsten4: The Refugee” for Q on CBC) released their fifth studio full-length, A Coliseum Complex Museum (stream it below), this past winter. “The scope of this music is vast, combining the melodic angles of indie pop with the grand scale ambitions of prog rock,” according to AllMusic. Plus, the album “is further proof that the Besnard Lakes are a band with big ideas and real vision, and just as importantly, they have the talent and focus to makes those ideas into something worth hearing.” Find out how it all sounds live when they play Mercury Lounge tomorrow and Rough Trade NYC on Thursday.