Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath at Music Hall of Williamsburg

August 9th, 2016

Austin, Texas, funk-jazz-Latin-metal-soul outfit Brownout (above, covering “Iron Man” live in studio for KEXP FM) have been getting fans to shake it all night long at festival across the country for more than a decade now thanks to a heavy dose of psychedelic guitars and greasy horns. Looking to do something totally different, the big band—Gilbert Elorreaga (trumpet), Mark Gonzales (trombone), Greg Gonzalez (bass), Josh Levy (baritone sax), Matthew “Sweet Lou” Holmes (congas), Beto Martinez (guitar), Adrian Quesada (guitar), John Speice (drums), Alex Marrero (drums)—took a sidestep two years ago with the release of their fourth full-length, Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath (stream it below), putting their own unique spin on Black Sabbath’s music. “The Brown Sabbath idea started out like everything else we do, half inside joke, half psychotic. It was an overly ambitious attempt at challenging ourselves as musicians,” said Quesada. Did they take on more than they could handle? Definitely not. “The charts are so ingenious, the production and sound so grimy and intense, the rhythms so meaty and infectious, Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath is not only a musically savvy exercise in interpretation, but an irresistible, butt-shaking, groove-quaking bacchanal through and through,” according to AllMusic. And while all of that is true, the album is even better live, which works out great because Brownout presents Brown Sabbath tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, with a special appearance by Ocote Soul Sounds.