Kick Off the Weekend with Joker at Music Hall of Williamsburg

August 16th, 2016

South West England producer Liam McLean is best known for his heavy takes on dubstep, R&B and grime as Joker (above, his video for “Midnight”). His second full-length, The Mainframe (stream it below), arrived last year. “The album is an ambitious, sprawling opus of soul that announces Joker’s depth and maturity as a producer and re-asserts his untouchable knack for bringing the heavy, heady bassweight,” according to Thump. “This isn’t a dance music album, though. It’s a thematically drawn concept album. Yeah, the beat drops with some regularity, but the composition weaves through tangents, almost operating as a collage at points, but always with Joker’s signature aesthetic.” Experience that signature aesthetic for yourself when Joker, currently touring North America, plays Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday night. Experimental musician Gladkill opens the show.