Moon Hooch Stay Home to Play Music Hall of Williamsburg Tonight

August 25th, 2016

Wenzl McGowen (baritone sax), James Muschler (drums and percussion) and Mike Wilbur (tenor sax) were still in school studying music when they formed the trio Moon Hooch six years ago in Brooklyn. They call their distinctly unique sound “cave music”—instrumental dance-, rock- and jazz-influenced tunes—and first got notice by busking at the L train’s Bedford stop. Essentially making the equivalent of electronic dance music but with acoustic instruments, they worked crowds into such frenzies that the police actually banned them from performing there. But don’t feel too bad for Moon Hooch (above, performing “Something Else”) because they ended up hitting the road with the likes of They Might Be Giants, Galactic and Lotus. They’ve since released three albums, a self-titled debut (stream it below) in 2013, This Is Cave Music (stream it below) in 2014 and this June’s Red Sky (stream it below), “which is Moon Hooch’s third album, and it’s mighty,” according to NPR Music. “The sound of the saxes feels new, vibrant and essential, the way great rock guitarists paved a path redefining the instrument in the 1960s. And this stuff is serious fun: Red Sky recalls Moon Hooch’s live shows, with their fast twists and turns.” And now you can experience one of their live shows when Moon Hooch play Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight. Brooklyn’s Bears open the show.