Hockey Dad Bring New Music to Rough Trade NYC Tomorrow Night

August 31st, 2016

Childhood friends Billy Fleming (drums) and Zach Stephenson (vocals and guitar) grew up in suburban coastal Australia with similar interests in surfing, garage rock and’60s surf music. Three years ago, they formed the carefree fuzz-pop band Hockey Dad—the name coming from an obscure Simpsons reference—and the duo put out their debut full-length, Boronia (stream it below), earlier this month, impressing the folks at Consequence of Sound: “The songs on Boronia are sweet, both in message and sound, a musical snack shack on the outskirts of the sand. Never mawkish, the vibe here is pure joy, a feat to be sure in a time where surf pop has become the de facto descriptor for a genre of music that opts for pleasure over pain. Listening to Boronia doesn’t elevate surf pop as much as it defines what the genre can and should be. These are tall-can songs, cuts for open window driving down the highway, music that never tries to be anything more than two guys providing the soundtrack to their own small-town story.” Still on their American tour, Hockey Dad (above, doing “Can’t Have Them,” “So Tired” and “I Need a Woman” for the Netherlands’ 3voor12) play Rough Trade NYC tomorrow night. And as an added bonus, Muuy Biien and Sharkmuffin open the show.