Hum and Touché Amoré Play Terminal 5 on Thursday Night

September 6th, 2016

Alternative-rockers Hum formed in Champaign, Ill., back in 1989, putting an emphasis on introspective lyrics, feedback and drone. The quartet put out four albums—including 1995’s You’d Prefer an Astronaut (stream it below), perhaps best known for its first single, “Stars” (above, live on MTV’s 120 Minutes)—before calling it quits in 2000. But the band—currently: Matt Talbott (guitar and vocals), Tim Lash (guitar), Jeff Dimpsey (bass) and Jason Gerken (drums)—has since reunited (on a temporary basis) several times over the past few years, including this summer.

Jangly post-hardcore five-piece Touché Amoré— Jeremy Bolm (vocals), Nick Steinhardt (guitar), Clayton Stevens (guitar), Elliot Babin (drums) and Tyler Kirby (bass)—came together about a decade ago in Burbank, Calif. The emotionally intense band (below, doing “Just Exist”) has released three full-lengths, with a fourth, Stage Four, arriving next week. But you won’t have to wait that long to hear the new tunes because Touché Amoré and Hum play Terminal 5 on Thursday night.