Legs Make Mercury Lounge Feel Alive on Saturday Night

September 12th, 2016

Legs – Mercury Lounge – September 10, 2016

The neon cocktail sign shone brightly at Mercury Lounge on Saturday night as people walked in and out, fighting the rising temperature with cold drinks and plenty of water. Legs, now based in Brooklyn, came onstage and, thanks to their addictive energy, immediately had everyone in the crowd dancing to an eclectic, lively mix of indie pop. They formed three years ago in Seattle and have been getting lots of notice and praise ever since. The sky’s the limit for Legs.

Everybody was sweating, singing and dancing together to songs from Legs’ self-titled EP and debut LP, Altitud. Legs have a wonderful stage presence, and you can see that the band members really love what they do. Pro tip: Make sure to wear your dancing shoes any time you see them because Legs are definitely a band to check out regardless of your mood. They’ll make you feel alive. —Karen Silva | @ClassicKaren