Lucky Chops Bring Brass-Band Fun to The Bowery Ballroom

September 13th, 2016

While some bands trace their beginnings to small stages and D.I.Y. venues, local brass band Lucky ChopsJosh Holcomb (trombone), Daro Behroozi (tenor sax), Leo P (baritone sax), Joshua Gawel (trumpet), Raphael Buyo (sousaphone), Kevin Congleton (drums)—got their start in parks and on subway platforms. But things began to change for Lucky Chops (above, performing “Danza 2016” at Grand Central Station) when a South American tourist posted a cell phone video to YouTube. Next thing they knew, the guys were touring across Europe. Most of the members met, very fittingly, during band class at the Laguardia School of Music & the Performing Arts. “We all play acoustic band instruments, which for over the last few decades haven’t been cool,” said Holcomb. “We’re trying to make it cool again.” It’s safe to say that they are. Their exhilarating, upbeat live shows are filled with the kind of music that makes your face hurt the next morning from smiling so much the night before. And although Lucy Chops are heading back to Europe this fall, you can catch them at home, tomorrow night at The Bowery Ballroom.