The Saint Johns Play the Early Show at Mercury Lounge on Thursday

September 14th, 2016

Jordan Meredith and Louis Johnson met at a party and bonded over music. And not too long after that, they began making their own music—country-inflected rock—as the Saint Johns. Their debut full-length, Dead of Night (stream it below), came out this past spring: “Many young Nashville bands delve into the city’s rich country heritage to create their own sounds, but few do so with as much simplicity and elegance as the Saint Johns,” according to PopMatters. “This music owes as much to country and gospel as it does to the 2010’s indie scene, resulting in an amalgam that feels classic and fresh at once.” Having recently kicked off their first headlining tour, the Saint Johns (above, performing “Lost That Feeling” for Paste Studios, and, below, covering “Rhiannon”) play Mercury Lounge on Thursday. Nashville five-piece Birdtalker and Philly singer-songwriter Lily Mae open.