Band of Skulls Return to New York City to Play Terminal 5

October 5th, 2016

The English trio Fleeing New York—Matt Hayward (drums), Russell Marsden (guitar and vocals) and Emma Richardson (bass and vocals)—began playing shows around London more than a decade ago. At first blush, their songs might have come across as just your standard guitar-drums-and-bass fare. But the music was like a restaurant with a straightforward menu comprised of high-quality ingredients. And so what seemed simple was actually a bit more complex. This really began to become obvious following the group’s 2008 name change to Band of Skulls (above, doing “So Good”) and the release of their debut album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (in 2009; stream it below), with its lead single “Light of the Morning,” which later appeared in a Mustang commercial. They’ve been growing bigger ever since while still sticking to what AllMusic calls “gritty, ferociously heavy indie rock and roll out of the mist of blues history.” Their fourth studio album, By Default (stream it below), came out this past May. “Generally speaking, By Default feels like a huge step up for Band of Skulls,” says Renowned for Sound. “The production, performance and writing holds up across the entire album, and very rarely will you even consider skipping to the next track. Band of Skulls have hit it out of the park the fourth time around.” See them tomorrow night at Terminal 5. Drowners and Mothers open.