Preoccupations Bring Acclaimed New Music to Warsaw on Friday

October 13th, 2016

Four years ago, Matt Flegel (vocals and bass), Mike Wallace (drums), Scott Munro (guitar) and Daniel Christiansen (guitar) teamed up to form Viet Cong, the lo-fi post-punk noise quartet that would go on to become Preoccupations (above, performing “Death”). Their acclaimed first studio album, Viet Cong (stream it below), arrived in 2015. “Last year, Viet Cong gave us the seven-track Cassette, which made clear the Calgary band’s apocalyptic, experimental outlook,” wrote Toronto’s Now magazine. “Their self-titled debut full-length follows through on that but reduces the drone and adds more accessibility, melody and cohesion to the equation, making it one hella searing and impactful album to start the year off right.” And following the name change to Preoccupations, the band returned with another self-titled affair (stream it below) that came out last month. “The darkness is all very real, ladies and gentlemen; anxiety approaches and monotony kills. But with rhythms this punishing and hooks that slowly reveal themselves like the ones here, maybe the darkness isn’t all bad,” raved Pretty Much Amazing. Now touring North America behind the new album, Preoccupations play Warsaw in Brooklyn on Friday, and Australian dream-pop trio Methyl Ethel open the show.