Tegan and Sara Play the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Friday

November 2nd, 2016

Calgary, Alta., twin Quin sisters Tegan and Sara have been making music together professionally for more than two decades. Their first full-length, Under Feet Like Ours (stream it below), came out in 1999 when they were still in their teens. “Tegan and Sara are the real deal, not another Ani Difranco pretender trying to be political by writing songs about freedom,” according to Exclaim. “The evidence in hand, their debut album, shows an emotional and musical progression quite remarkable for their age, as if they’ve managed in one go to shake out the cobwebs of their folk/rock roots, and their Lilith Fair/Indigo Girls tendencies, and are merging fully formed, ready to take the next step.” And in the ensuing years, Tegan and Sara (above, performing “Boyfriend” live in studio for KCMP FM the Current) have changed their sound and taken that next step from niche singer-songwriters to mainstream-pop success. Their eighth studio release, this year’s Love You to Death (stream it below), is “an album packed with shimmering highlights,” according to NME. “This is pop music that is all heart all the time, and for that, the sisters deserve every accolade that comes their way,” per AllMusic. It just so happens that they’re coming our way this week to play the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Friday. And as an added bonus, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Torres opens the show.