Catch Damien Jurado at The Bowery Ballroom on Sunday Night

November 4th, 2016

Surrounded by a city bursting with grunge music, Damien Jurado rose up in mid-’90s Seattle making a name for himself as an acoustic-folk singer-songwriter. More interested in blazing his own path rather than following the trail, he’s modeled his career after musicians with unpredictable discographies, like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Randy Newman—his work often filled with what AllMusic calls “concise, literate tales of quiet, everyday despair.” Recently, Jurado (above, performing “Exit 353” and “Kola” for Bird on the Wire) has been delving more into psychedelia, as witnessed on the ’70s-influenced trilogy of Maraqopa (stream it below), Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (stream it below) and this year’s Visions of Us on the Land (stream it below). “As works of mood-altering music go, Jurado has upped the dosage with Visions. It’s a harrowing trip, led by a guide who’s all too familiar with the territory,” according to NPR Music. And AllMusic adds: “It’s an intense and trippy odyssey, one that should make fans old and new appreciative of Jurado’s depth.” Make your weekend last just a little bit longer with Damien Jurado at The Bowery Ballroom on Sunday night. Doug Keith opens the show.