Catch the Darcys and Myzica on Saturday at Mercury Lounge

November 18th, 2016

Jason Couse (vocals and guitar) and Wes Marskell (drums) have been making music together as the Toronto art-rock duo the Darcys (above, doing “Miracle” on CFNY FM 102.1 the Edge) for just about 10 years. Their fourth studio full-length, Centerfold (stream it below), came out two weeks ago. It’s “a sleek, neon-toned dance album,” according to AllMusic. “Ultimately, while it’s their fourth release, the Darcys have crafted an album that feels more like a debut. Technically, it might not be the place to start, but given its glossy, attractive qualities (as the title implies), Centerfold might just be the place you’ll want to turn to first. Another duo, Myzica—Isaaca Byrd (vocals) and Micah Tawlks (producer)— also have a new LP, Love & Desire (stream it below). And although they’re based in Nashville, rather than making country music, Myzica (below, covering “Drive” for Acme Radio Live) work in shimmery, emotive pop. Catch them both bands performing live at the early show on Saturday night at Mercury Lounge.