Ring in the New Year with Guided by Voices in Williamsburg

December 30th, 2016

Robert Pollard (vocals) formed the lo-fi post-punk, jangly pop band Guided by Voices about 30 years ago in Dayton, Ohio. They received their most acclaim for a pair of back-to-back releases, 1994’s Bee Thousand (stream it below) and 1995’s King Shit & the Golden Boys (stream it below). But ever since then, the supporting cast has rotated consistently, while still anchored by Pollard. Guided by Voices (above, performing “I Am a Scientist,” “Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy” and “Smothered in Hugs”) broke up in 2004 but reunited six years later. And although Pollard wrote, sang and played all of the instruments on it, the band—now rounded out by Bobby Bare Jr. (guitar), Doug Gillard (guitar), Kevin March (drums) and Mark Shue (bass)—released their 22nd full-length, Please Be Honest (stream it below), this past spring. The LP “feels like the rough, exciting early work that made him a cult hero in the first place,” according to AllMusic. “But as a celebration of GbV’s core virtues, Please Be Honest really does honor the sound of the band as much as the skills of its frontman and founder.” Spend the last night of the year with them when Guided by Voices play Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday night.