The Hotelier Play the Early Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

December 30th, 2016

Christian Holden (vocals and bass), Chris Hoffman (guitar and vocals) and Sam Frederick (drums) launched to punk-pop band the Hotelier seven years ago in Worcester, Mass., becoming one of the driving forces behind emo’s revival. Their acclaimed third album, Goodness (stream it below), came out this past May. “Here, the Hotelier showcase their growth, emphasizing how they have changed and developed as humans and as musicians,” gushed Exclaim. “They’re learning to let go of the past and appreciate the present. Goodness is the next step on that journey—and a beautiful one, at that.” And before they head to Europe in a few weeks, the Hotelier (above, doing “Your Deep Rest”) play Mercury Lounge tomorrow night. Oso Oso and Born Without Bones open the show.