Two Chances to Catch Palmistry Live in New York City

January 18th, 2017

South London vocalist-producer Benjy Keating has been doing his own bedroom-pop take on dancehall, deftly mixing ambient synths, contemporary Caribbean rhythms and melancholic lyrics with grime and R&B as Palmistry for several years now. And following the release of a few EPs and mixtapes, his debut full-length, Pagan (stream it below), came out last year to rave reviews. “These are performative anthems, which use the sonic and effective history of their sounds to construct towering emotional peaks,” according to Tiny Mix Tapes. “It is essential inasmuch as it succeeds in touching on something inherent, drawing from a preconscious set of sounds to create music that is as striking as it is affecting.” Currently on an East Coast swing, Palmistry (above, his official video for “Club Aso”) plays Rough Trade NYC tonight and Mercury Lounge tomorrow. Singer-songwriter Kahli Abdu opens both shows.