Randy Rogers Band and Friends Celebrate Texas Independence Saturday

March 2nd, 2017

A free and independent Republic of Texas was declared 181 years ago today, officially severing ties between what would become the Lone Star State and Mexico. And Saturday at Terminal 5 is the ninth anniversary of us celebrating it in style with an all-star lineup of Texas musicians. According to AllMusic, “indebted as much to Pearl Jam as Merle Haggard, the Randy Rogers Band has been slugging away in the country trenches since the early 2000s.” The group’s eighth studio album, Nothing Shines Like Neon (stream it below), came out last winter to some rave reviews. AllMusic called it “simple and direct, never bothering to disguise how this is a Texas band through and through, one that savors brokenhearted poetry as much as hardwood barroom boogie.” But the Randy Rogers Band (above, performing “Neon Blues” for Texas Music Scene) won’t being going it alone. Instead, they’ll be joined by the like-minded Casey Donahew Band, bringing country with a rock and roll swagger, and singer-songwriters Stoney Larue and William Clark Green, offering a healthy dose of roots-y, Americana-infused country. And as an added bonus, any patron at least 21 years old with a Texas-related tattoo or wearing an article of clothing with a logo from a Texas college on it will receive one complimentary drink.