Texas Five-Piece the Unlikely Candidates Play Mercury Lounge

May 11th, 2017

Kyle Morris (vocals) and Cole Male (guitar) initially formed the Unlikely Candidates (above, performing “Your Love Could Start a War”) as an acoustic duo close to 10 years ago in Fort Worth, Texas. They’ve since expanded their catchy, sprawling sound with the addition of Brenton Carney (guitar), Kevin Goddard (drums) and Jared Hornbeek (bass). Their second EP, Bed of Liars (stream it below), came out earlier this year. “Despite the short track listing, every song stands on its own with catchy hooks and beats,” says Literally, Darling. “This second release from the Unlikely Candidates serves as a perfect example of how much the band has grown into their sound.” Find out for yourself at Thursday’s early show at Mercury Lounge. Brother duo the Fame Riot open.