Pantha du Prince Brings Experimental Electronic Music to Williamsburg

May 22nd, 2017

German composer, conceptual artist and experimental-electronic producer Hendrik Weber has worked under various names for more than a decade in the music industry, but he’s most known for making “sleek, pared-down techno” as Pantha du Prince (above, performing The Triad for Boiler Room), earning acclaim from critics, raves from fans and collaborations with indie rockers thanks to what AllMusic calls his “post-punk/shoegaze-inspired approach.” Pantha du Prince’s fifth studio full-length, The Triad (stream it below), came out last year. “That’s just what this album’s got,” said the Line of Best Fit. “A heart. Mathematical, mechanical parts that once evoked landscapes, snowscapes, a view frozen in time now evoke emotions and memories. Fleshy stuff, any mistakes made with a smile. It’s that searched for human touch, something no mere tin man could create.” Pitchfork weighed in, too: “The Triad sounds more like the work of a full band than one guy with a laptop, and it’s better for it. Compositions unfurl slowly, starting as sketches before layers of instrumentation blanket one another in unpredictable ways.” Find out just how unpredictable in person, tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williamsburg.