A Reunited Piebald Play Music Hall of Williamsburg Tomorrow Night

May 24th, 2017

Travis Shettel (vocals and guitar), Andrew Bonner (bass), Aaron Stuart (guitar) and Luke Garro (drums)—ultimately replaced by Luke Garro—were in high school outside of Andover, Mass., when they formed the emo, post-hardcore band Piebald more than 20 years ago, combining “a goofy sense of sarcasm and wit with big, fuzzy guitars and hooks aplenty,” according to Stereogum. They quickly became a prominent presence in Boston’s indie-rock scene thanks to their upbeat live performances. Piebald (above, doing “American Hearts”) put out five studio full-lengths, the last of which, Accidental Gentleman (stream it below), came out 10 years ago, before amicably breaking up in 2008 (playing one of their last shows at The Bowery Ballroom). They briefly got together to play Bamboozle in 2010, but last year they returned with a reunion tour, and as part of an East Coast run, Piebald play Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow night.