Zeshan B Brings a Unique Take on Soul to Mercury Lounge on Friday

August 10th, 2017

Zeshan Bagewadi grew up in Chicago, the son of Indian immigrants, picking up blues, funk, rock and soul courtesy of his dad’s music collection. But he’s not only into the hard-driving rhythms and horn-heavy sounds of the ’60s and ’70s—he’s also equally interested in that period’s social activism. And as a result, the debut Zeshan B (above, performing “Ain’t No Love (In the Heart of the City)”) studio full-length, Vetted (stream it below), arrived earlier this year as “the full encompassment of Zeshan B’s vision for an album depicting his life as a Muslim and Indian-American in the Trump era,” according to PopMatters. “He does so with undeniable heart-rending soul. Vetted is an album for the awoken, as well as those who still need to be shaken by the shoulders a bit to wake up.” Don’t miss this unique, talented voice live at the late show on Friday at Mercury Lounge.