Mac DeMarco Kicks Off the Weekend on Friday Night at Radio City

September 21st, 2017

Goofy yet sensitive troubadour Mac DeMarco’s third full-length album, This Old Dog (stream it below), came out this past May to rave reviews. “With a fresh approach and a renewed outlook on life, DeMarco reaches a whole other level of cool, lush calm as well as an unprecedented degree of maturity and introspection,” says Exclaim. “But as he reflects deeply and meaningfully on family, love, relationships, life and near-death throughout his songs, DeMarco shows us that he’s a lot more complicated than he seems.” The singer-songwriter recently released the video for the new album’s title song (above), an innovative virtual reality eyeball-bender full of warped landscapes and floating Hypercolor images. For all the merits of virtual reality, there’s still nothing quite like a good old-fashioned performance in the flesh. Fans of DeMarco’s hazy, lazy melodies will get their chance to see the scruffy artist on the regal stage of Radio City Music Hall on Friday, supported by the punky SoCal twins who perform as the Garden. Despite the lack of VR effects that exist in plain old, regular reality, DeMarco is known for performing with plenty of antics up his sleeve—and coupled with the chance to hear songs like “Salad Days” and “My Kind of Woman” live, the experience promises to be just as mind expanding as any technological trickery may be. —Alena Kastin | @AlenaK