Fischerspooner Debut New Music on Friday Night at Brooklyn Steel

October 26th, 2017

Classically trained musician Warren Fischer teamed up with video artist turned experimental-theater performer Casey Spooner to form the New Wave/electronic-pop duo Fischerspooner, emerging from the downtown New York City art scene nearly two decades agos. Ultimately the band would grow into an over-the-top performance troupe—including countless dancers and guest vocalists—and become known for their own take on electroclash and dramatic, glam live performances. According to Interview magazine, they “revolutionized electronic music, amplifying it to arena-blasting levels while also managing to keep it personal, passionate and dark.” Their debut full-length, the aptly titled #1 (stream it below), arrived in 2002, led by the smash single “Emerge” (above, live). “Fischerspooner prove themselves to be as talented working studio boards as they are at staging those Ziggy Stardust–style freakouts,” said AllMusic. “Remarkably varied, lush and fascinating from start to finish, #1 is a great album.”

Their follow-up, Odyssey (stream it below), more synth-pop than electroclash, came out in 2005. “Odyssey helps move Fischerspooner into the territory of their progenitors—the musically pop realm dominated by Erasure and Pet Shop Boys,” according to PopMatters. Fischerspooner’s third LP, Entertainment (stream it below), written over a two-year period, dropped in 2009. Afterward, Fischer and Spooner each went his own way … for a while. Fischerspooner are now back in a big way, with several multimedia projects and their fourth studio effort, the Michael Stipe–produced Sirwhich according to Interview, is “so catchy and dance-inducing it takes a second to realize that some of its lyrics tell private stories”—due early next year. Kick off Halloween early when Fischerspooner debut the new songs from their forthcoming album at Brooklyn Steel tomorrow night. Hometown duo the Carry Nation open the show.