Let Shpongle’s Psychedelic Trance Be Your Halloween Soundtrack

October 30th, 2017

Mashing together world music, ambient techno and psychedelic trance, Simon Posford (who also goes by Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram have been forefathers of the chilled-out psybient genre since teaming up in mid-’90s South East England to form Shpongle. Their debut full-length, Are You Shpongled? (stream it below), came out in 1998. “Most of the sounds seeping from the album are borrowed from two distinct categorizing themes. One spawns from the electronica influences of the album, and that is the spacey, sci-fi based sounds laden in a lot of the synthesizers,” according to Sputnik Music. “The second and equally as dominant style is a very earth-bound and tribal influence found in the instrument and vocal samples. Both these styles are juxtaposed so fluidly, the mood given off is celestial and other-worldly while also staying very natural and organic.” With Posford and Ram also involved in other musical endeavors, Shpongle (above, performing “Divine Moments of Truth”) have recorded periodically—their sixth LP, Codex XI, dropped last week—but toured even less, oftentimes without Ram. And with the recent release of new music, Shpongle: Simon Posford Presents the Shpongletron comes to Terminal 5 on Halloween. Producer-DJ and multi-instrumentalist Space Tak (Takuya Nakamura), opens.