Kick Off Your Weekend with Mogwai’s Atmospheric Rock at Terminal 5

December 6th, 2017

The Glasgow post-rockers Mogwai (above, performing “Every Country’s Sun” for BBC Radio) formed in 1995 when three friends, Stuart Braithwaite (vocals and guitar), Dominic Aitchison (guitar) and Martin Bulloch (drums), decided to make music together. With the later addition of Barry Burns (bass, keys and vocals) and John Cummings (guitar), who’s since departed, they’ve has become known for trafficking in serious guitar rock, although that guitar rock has also gone through changes. “Few ’90s rock bands were better prepared than Mogwai for the movie-trilogy blocks of music allowed by the iPod,” per Rolling Stone. “The Scottish outfit moved from making bombastic explosions in the sky to crafting widescreen soundtracks to goin’ down the road feeling bad.” But on this year’s Every Country’s Sun (stream it below)—the four-piece’s ninth studio release—things haven’t changed too much. “The group has grown into an acclaimed international act, 22 years and counting, with a reliable musical formula that’s steady as a slow-burning fuse. That remarkable consistency makes Every Country’s Sun resemble a greatest-hits album, even if it’s made up of brand-new tracks,” says the A.V. Club. “By now, there have been thousands of other bands plying Mogwai’s fusion of quiet and bombastic, but Every Country’s Sun argues that there’s still no one who does it better.” And with their fall tour winding down, Mogwai play Terminal 5 on Friday night. Electronic musician Xander Harris opens.