Embrace the Bass with Snails at Terminal 5 on Saturday Night

December 13th, 2017

Mashing together trap rhythms, filthy basslines and an off-kilter sound design, Montreal electronic producer and DJ Snails (above, performing live) has been making a name for himself since his first single, “Bubble Gun,” arrived in 2012. Three years later, his appearance at a number of EDM festivals earned him eager fans, thanks to his upbeat, engaging performances. Snails’ first LP, The Shell (stream it below), dropped this past October. “Your debut album should be a thesis statement on who you are as an artist. For Snails, that means a whole lot of disgusting noise, face-scrunching bass and killer features designed to get the party bumping so hard, you just might vomit. There’s absolutely no way you’ve heard anything like this,” says Billboard. “There are no dull moments, but there is diversity. There are some dub waves, some drum ’n’ bass rhythms, some bright chords and plenty of drops so hard, you’re gonna black out.” His current tour brings him to Terminal 5 on Saturday night with a three bass-heavy acts, 12th Planet, FuntCase and Yookie.