The Pink Spiders Bring New Tunes to Rough Trade NYC on Tuesday

December 15th, 2017

Making punky pop-inflected garage rock, Matt Friction (vocals and guitar), Jon Decious (bass) and Bob Ferrari (drums) formed the Pink Spiders nearly 15 years ago in Nashville, Tenn. Before going on an extended hiatus in 2009, they put out three studio albums in as many years, including 2006’s Ric Ocasek–produced Teenage Graffiti (stream it below). “The Pink Spiders have a rather unique sound for today, when every band sounds like Fall Out Boy, the Pink Spiders mix classic punk, rock and roll, power pop and pop punk,” said Sputnik Music. “This album is full of youthful energy and is extremely catchy. Every song has the capability to stick in your head all day.” The band reunited in the summer of 2016 (above) to celebrate the LP’s 10th anniversary, and with talk of a new album, the Pink Spiders have released some new singles and embarked on a December tour, which brings them to Rough Trade NYC on Tuesday night. Lancaster, Pa., post-hardcore five-piece Carousel Kings and Baltimore rad-pop quartet the Great Heights Band open the show.