Octave Cat Close Out Tour on Saturday Night at Rough Trade NYC

January 26th, 2018

After bonding over a shared love of old-school keys and analog synths and then fleshing out a couple of songs together, Lotus bassist Jesse Miller and Dopapod keyboardist Eli Winderman teamed up with in-demand drummer Charlie Patierno to form the experimental, jazz-oriented Octave Cat. “The music is funky, catchy, melodic, jazzy. There’s definitely inspiration from late-’70s fusion, but also some analog techno and dub approaches to the sound and arrangements,” Winderman told Live for Live Music. Despite their busy schedules, the trio’s eponymous debut (stream it below) arrived last spring. “We started sending around demos and beats we had made individually then building out from those basic pieces. I would have Eli over at my home studio tracking keyboards and then I could spend a couple days editing,” said Miller to the Jamwich. “Then when we had finalized arrangements, Charlie and I went to Rittenhouse Soundworks to track the drum and bass parts live. We finished off by mixing at Miner Street Studio in Philly.” Now out on the road, Octave Cat (above, performing “TitTat”) wind down a short East Coast swing on Saturday night at Rough Trade NYC. Grimace Federation—another Philly trio—open.