Idan Raichel Brings His Soul-Stirring Music to the Beacon Theatre

February 19th, 2018

Following a stint in a rock band while in the Israeli army, producer, keyboardist, lyricist, composer and performer Idan Raichel began learning about the diverse cultures within his homeland thanks to working at a boarding school for immigrant kids. While drawing on elements from Israel, the rest of the Middle East, Ethiopia and India, he’s been a global-music ambassador of sorts ever since. First, Raichel (above, performing “Mi’Ma’amakim”) worked as a sideman for big-time Israeli acts, making friends and taking notes along the way. And eventually he began to do his own thing as the Idan Raichel Project and under his own name, winning over fans abroad, across Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. His most recent album, Piano-Songs (stream it below), is a live release. And touring behind it, Raichel plays the Beacon Theatre on Wednesday night.