Son Lux Bring New Music to Brooklyn Steel on Thursday Night

March 21st, 2018

Son Lux initially began about a decade ago as keyboardist-vocalist-composer Ryan Lott’s genre-bending post-rock solo project. But with the release of Bones (stream it below), out in 2015, the one-man show became a trio with the addition of guitarist Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang. “Because of the expanse in personnel, Bones is able to deconstruct genres with ease and then fuse them back together in Frankenstein-esque brilliance. The result is an eclectic monster of an album that moves on its own, lurching forward with a new perspective, in exploration of new terrain,” per Paste. The band’s fifth studio album, Brighter Wounds (stream it below), came out last month. “While not overtly political, it’s impossible not to hear a looming, if unspoken undercurrent of dread that informs Lott’s mindset as he tries to make sense of the joy and sadness that arises when confronted with literal life and death,” according to NPR Music. “Brighter Wounds achieves another breakthrough during a fraught and heartbreaking period. It’s the band’s most personal album yet.” And with new tunes comes a new tour. Catch Son Lux (above, performing “Lost It to Trying”) live at Brooklyn Steel on Thursday night. Kings County five-piece Sinkane and composer-vocalist Hanna Benn open the show.